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The Recipe (dub.json / dub.sdl)


TODO: JSON and SDLang format.

You can convert between the available formats using dub convert.


Package settings

Package settings affect the entire package and mostly contain metadata such as package name, description, homepage, authors, license, etc.

For members that can only be put on the top-level scope of the dub.json / dub.sdl, see Package settings

Build settings

Build settings influence the command line options passed to the compiler and linker. Many settings support platform specifications to only apply the settings on certain targets. Most settings can also be overridden per configuration or build-type.

For available members, see Build settings

Environment variables

It is possible to use environment variables inside of build setting values using dollar notation. Refer to Environment Variables for more details.

Build types

Can specify a set of build setting overrides using --build=XYZ. Some default build types exist.

For available members and default build types, see Build types


Can specify a set of build setting overrides using --config=XYZ. If no configurations are specified, some auto-generated ones exist.

For available members and auto-generated fallback configurations, see Configurations

Last update: September 1, 2023
Created: September 1, 2023