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The content on this page is not yet fully finished.

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For the command to build your application, see dub build and dub run

dub build

If you have multiple configurations defined in your recipe, you might need to specify which configuration to build:

dub build --config=server

Or if you want to build a sub-package, you can do so from the root package as well:

dub build :mysubpackage


For all of the samples above, you can swap out dub build with dub run to both build and run your application in a single command line call.

This only works for packages that have an executable target type, which may be automatically inferred by autodetect.

dub run
dub run --config=server
dub run :mysubpackage

Passing arguments to the application

For any of the above dub run calls you can also specify your own command line arguments by separating DUB's arguments from your own using -- between them:

dub run -- my app args
dub run --config=server -- --config=ignored-by-dub
dub run :mysubpackage -- works universally

Last update: September 16, 2023
Created: September 1, 2023