Publishing packages

To publish your own packages, just create a new package with a valid package description file (see the package format specification) and follow the instructions on the "publishing packages" page.

Help with DUB's development

You can help enhancing DUB by writing bug reports or by making pull requests on GitHub.

The main development happens on github in the following repositories:

Development focus

If you want to help out, the most important things right now are:

But in general, of course, any kind support is greatly appreciated!

Package Scoring

Search results are sorted by relevance. Relevance is a combined metric of the package score and the full-text search score, see searchPackages(query) . At the moment the package score is a number between 0.0 and 5.0 based on the following metrics.

Each of those metrics is log-scaled relative to their average before they are combined and capped with a non-linear tanh. See computeScore() for more details. We appreciate any support in improving the package score.