Dub supports package suppliers of type Dub Registry, Maven and File System. By default, Dub will search on Dub Registry and hard-coded and user-set fallbacks.

Package suppliers can be specified either using argument --registry or globally using setting registryUrls. The type of the package supplier can be specified by prefixing the URL with dub+ for type Dub Registry, mvn+ for type Maven or using the file:// scheme for type File System. Without a prefix, the type Dub Registry (dub+) is assumed.

Dub Registry

Dub packages are registered at a Dub Registry server like It isn't needed to prefix the address of a Dub Registry.

Maven repository

Dub can retrieve dub package zip archives located within a Maven repository like Nexus or Artifactory. The registry address needs to contain the Maven repository and a group id. The dub packages needs to be stored with a common group id, the dub package name as artifact id and dub version as artifact version. The dub package zip file must have the name [packageName]-[version].zip.


Dub package zip archive is stored on Maven repository http://localhost:8040/maven/libs-release using group id dubpackages. As registry address mvn+http://localhost:8040/maven/libs-release/dubpackages needs to be specified.

dub fetch [email protected] --skip-registry=all --registry=mvn+http://localhost:8040/maven/libs-release/dubpackages

File system

A folder containing dub packages as zip files could be specified as registry. The zip files must have the name [packageName]-[version].zip.